Diamantslibning i eget hjem - Sådan får du din hud til at skinne

Skin problems can sometimes fill more of our lives than they should. Of course we have many other things to think about such as. career, love life, family and friends, or whatever we'll be watching on Netflix. Sometimes, however, we wake up to a red-hot pimple on the chin and / or the wrinkles on the forehead gradually begin to show, and this can easily change the focus from the things that also mean a lot in our lives. Into the picture comes diamond grinding in your own home - one of the latest trends to keep our skin clean and thus the mind at ease.

What is diamond grinding?

Definition: Diamond grinding involves the use of a mild abrasive tool, which gently removes the top layer of the skin. It can exfoliate the skin, reduce signs of aging, fade pigment spots and scars as well as help the skin's tone and texture to appear more uniform.

It is always a good idea to be proactive and compliment your clinic visits with maintenance treatments that you can perform at home. Diamond grinding is in this context a perfect tool that helps keep the skin shiny clean by gently removing dead cells and dirt from the top layer of the skin. By removing this layer, regular diamond grinding also ensures that the active ingredients in skin care products penetrate deeper into the skin and work more effectively.

Which diamond grinder should I choose?

The best diamond grinders polish the skin with small diamonds or crystals, while a strong vacuum suction removes dead skin and impurities. Be careful when buying machines with the following characteristics:

  • Machines without microcrystals as these do not achieve the full effect of diamond grinding.
  • Machines with weak absorbency as the strength must be intense enough to promote subcutaneous blood circulation.

Frequency of diamond grinding in the home

Home-based diamond grinding should be performed once or twice a week for optimal effect. The treatment can help creams, serums and other products to penetrate better into the skin and give the skin a nice glow. Although the soft and smooth skin that comes after a treatment can be addictive, it is important not to overdo the frequency as the skin needs time to regenerate after each treatment. Therefore, remember to use a good moisturizer.

"Although the soft and smooth skin that comes after a treatment can be addictive, it is important not to overdo the frequency."

Since diamond grinding can be new territory for many, we have created the perfect solution that can be used both as a stand-alone treatment but also in interaction with professional treatments. We call itMicroDerm.

Diamantslibning i eget hjem


 Comforth MicroDerm - Personal Diamond Grinder (565kr)

If diamond grinding is new to you, then the Comforth MicroDerm is the perfect way to start. If If you are already going for professional treatments, then the Personal Diamond Grinder is a smart and economical way to incorporate weekly treatments at home.

MicroDerm is high quality, compact and easy to use without previous experience. It has an intentionaldiamond head, so you get the full diamond grinding experience, but also have onesmall head to clean the pores and a larger oval head to stimulate subcutaneous blood circulation. All dirt and dead skin cells are sucked up and trapped in the machine's filter, which can be easily replaced.

  Comforth MicroDerm - Personal Diamond Grinder (565kr)

How Diamond Grinding Gives "Shiny Skin"

Once the dead skin cells are removed from the skin, the skin surface will become much smoother and more uniform as the skin is polished. This makes the skin reflect light better, giving the effect of shiny skin. After each treatment, the strong vacuum suction will stimulate the subcutaneous production of collagen and elastin, which over time helps to rebuild damage to the skin. The treatment thus gives both short-term and long-term results and is the reason why thousands of beauty enthusiasts enjoy the treatment on a regular basis.

Start your course today!

The personal diamond grinder,MicroDerm, can be used by anyone who wants nicer and cleaner skin. We recommend treatment once or twice a week for 8 weeks, after which you can lower the frequency to just once a week. The set contains 20 filters approx. 2 year consumption, 30-day 100 satisfaction guarantee, and 1-3 days free delivery. Then you wantdu softer, cleaner and shiny skin sobuy your MicroDerm here!

  Comforth MicroDerm - Personal Diamond Grinder (565kr)